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Friday, January 8, 2021   /   by Julie Paschal


The process of moving can seem daunting, but with a little help from a reliable moving company, a lot of stress can be relieved.  Here are some tips to make sure your belongings are in safe hands. 1.  Get references from friends and family.  You should always do your research thoroughly, reading review sites and local articles and blogs, however, nothing is stronger than a good recommendation from a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor. 2.  Require them to take inventory and do a walkthrough.  A strong, reputable moving company will take steps to evaluate the job ahead of time, including taking inventory of your belongings that need to be moved and doing a walkthrough to note stairways, doorways, etc. 3.  Understand the contract you are signing.  A contract with your moving company should include the following:  description and scope of services, pricing (fixed rate vs. hourly rate), date(s) of pickup, date(s) of delivery, liability. ...

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Friday, December 18, 2020   /   by Julie Paschal

Choosing the Right Couch

As one of the integral furniture peices you will be purchasing for your home, selecting the right couch for you is incredibly important.  Below are five aspects to consider when looking for the lounger of your dreams.
1.  Size.  The first thing to consider is how much seating you need.  If you have a large family (or planning to grow yours) or have plans to host friends for movie nights or the big game, you should look at larger sectionals.  If you live alone or don't have children, you can opt for something a little smaller.
2.  Shape. To determine the couch shape, you'll need to examine the size of your living room and determine how you want the area divided.  If you want your couch to be the focal point and fill most of the room, an L-shape is a great option, but if you are interested in incorporating more chairs or recliners then a 3-seater sofa might get the job done.
3.  Color.  If you have children or pets, will be hosting gatherin. ...

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Friday, December 4, 2020   /   by Julie Paschal


Unfortunately, our homes don’t always grow with us. What may have initially worked fine for a single person, a young couple’s starter home, or a family with a newborn can quickly become too small as families expand and multiple generations live under one roof.

Remodeling and adding to your home is one option for creating more space, but it can be costly, and the size of your property may be prohibitive. That’s when moving to a bigger home becomes the best solution.


The first thought when upsizing your home is to simply consider square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. But it’s important to take a more critical approach to how your space will actually be used. If you have younger children (or possibly more on the way), then focusing on bedrooms and bathrooms makes sense. But if your children are closer to heading off to college or starting their own families, it may be better to prioritize group spaces like the kitchen, dini ...

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Friday, November 20, 2020   /   by Julie Paschal


Hardwood floors are highly desirable for most homeowners, but they come with their share of challenges when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. After a few months or years of heavy use from kids playing with toys and chairs being shuffled around, it may be time for some DIY fixes.
Hiding scratches: If you’ve got a good eye for matching colors, you can actually use crayons or markers or purchase wax sticks from the hardware store to fill-in scratches. Try to match the stain color on your floors, but don’t worry if it’s a little off. If the color is close, once the scratch is filled, it’ll look like a variation in the wood grain.
Polishing floors: You can make a polish solution for your floors from household ingredients. Mix olive oil and vinegar in equal parts, pour it directly into scratches, and then wipe it off after 24 hours. It may take several applications, but this homemade polish will fill and cover most scratches.
Clever decor: It’s . ...

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Friday, November 20, 2020   /   by Julie Paschal


With Winter upon us,  this is the time of year when it’s especially important to make sure your home is properly sealed. Air leaks can make it difficult to keep your home properly heated and can lead to high utility bills. Here’s quick guide to checking your home for air leaks.

Do an air pressure test. You can quickly check for air leaks with a simple test using household items. Seal your home by completely closing all doors, windows, and vents and turning off exhaust fans. Then pass a burning incense stick along the edges of all doors, windows, and other openings to the outside. If the smoke is forced into or away from an opening, you’ve found a leak.

Inspect doors and windows. To check for leaks near your windows, attempt to rattle the frame. This will reveal whether there are gaps along the edges. Also check for cracks in the frame, loose screws in locks, or gaps anywhere in the window.

Door hinges and thresholds are common places for air leaks. Deter. ...

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