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4 Secret Weapons for a Cleaning Project

Thursday, August 9, 2018   /   by Megan McHone

4 Secret Weapons for a Cleaning Project

4 Secret weapons for a Cleaning Project 

Is there a home maintenance project that’s been lingering on your to-do list for too long because you are dreading the trip to the hardware or craft store? There are some projects you can tackle with items that are almost certainly already in your possession.


1.) Vinegar 


There is probably a jug of vinegar sitting in your pantry right now! You can soak items in vinegar to remove mineral deposits (like in a clogged shower head) or you can boil vinegar in your microwave to remove odors and make it easier to clean.   

2.) Cola 


A can of Coke or Pepsi can be used to clean many surfaces, including your glass windows, porcelain toilets or 
chrome fixtures. Just do some research before you use on metal surfaces as it can be corrosive.   

3.) Baking Soda


A baking soda-vinegar paste is great for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Baking soda can also be used to absorb odors. 
f87fde8e-c63e-49fd-9843-49600ed06b42.jpg.w480.jpg4.) Tooth Paste  

Sour milk smells in baby bottles are eradicated using toothpaste and a bottle scrubber, as are garlic, fish, onion and other seemingly impermeable odors on the hands.